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Defer your payments for 3 months with a Hire Purchase agreement with Santander Consumer Finance.

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Flexible Car Finance Options

You are ready to upgrade or buy your first car and now looking at what finance options are best for you. There are a number of options available to you from dealer finance to borrowing from a bank. Dealer finance is often the best way and offers advantages other providers can not.

Advantages of Dealer Finance

Choosing dealer finance provides you with the option to customise the agreement to suit your needs and often approved for a better rate of interest. Unlike other forms of credit, the interest rate is fixed which means you know your exact monthly payments for the duration of the agreement.

Why choose Carsa for your finance?

We offer instant finance examples for every car with our finance calculator.

Search our wide range of cars

go to the details page and then enter a few details into the calculator. You will then be shown finance examples based on your information and price of the car. If PCP and HP options are available, these will be shown.

When entering a financial agreement you want to know it is with someone you can trust. All of our car finance plans are fully compliant with the Consumer Credit Act which means we must adhere to strict regulations and explain the finance agreement in detail to you.

We created our customer finance charter to ensure that you are fully aware of what to expect when taking out a finance agreement. Find out more about our Customer Finance Charter.

We have a team of specialists ready to help you with your application and when arranging finance with Carsa, the process is quick and easy as we will handle all the necessary paperwork for you.

Finance options explained

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

PCP will give you lower monthly payments as the car’s future value is calculated and treated as the final payment.

3 Options At The End of The Agreement

  • Pay the final payment and keep the car
  • If your car is not worth the final payment value you have the option to hand it back to the finance company with nothing more to pay (Terms & Conditions do apply with regards to the vehicle’s mileage and condition).
  • The most popular option is to part exchange your car and settle the agreement. Any excess over and the above the final payment can be used as part of your next deposit. You can choose to do this at any time during the agreement.
  • PCP will give you lower monthly payments as the car’s future value is calculated and treated as the final payment.

    HP (Hire Purchase)

    HP has been the most traditional way to fund a car. The agreement can be settled at any time and you will receive a rebate of interest.

    With Hire Purchase you will pay equal payments and own the car at the end of the agreement. No larger final payment to make.

    Our teams are ready to help you find the right plan to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to talk through all options available.

    Please note that any finance examples and/or monthly repayments are designed to give you an indication of how much you may expect to pay for your loan.

    Due to the many factors involved in car finance companies making their decisions including personal credit status, we can't guarantee being able to obtain a car loan for you at the quoted rates. Our staff will always try to obtain the best finance deal for you based on your personal circumstances.

    Jargon Buster

    The teams at Carsa will make buying a car with finance very easy, they will explain clearly at every step of the way and will be there to answer any questions. Here is our jargon buster to help you understand terminology that may be used.

    Agreement term

    The fixed length you will need to repay the finance.

    Annual mileage

    The number of miles the car is allowed to drive each year. If the agreed limit is exceeded there will be an additional charge which varies subject to lender.


    Annual percentage rate, or interest rate. This is usually a percentage of the amount borrowed and will be included in what you pay back to the lender.


    Any money owed that’s overdue.

    Balloon Payment

    Any money owed that’s overdue.

    Cash price

    The cost of the car.

    Cooling-off period

    You will have a period of 14 days to withdraw from a finance agreement, under the Consumer Credit Directive.

    Credit agreement

    The agreement between you and the lender.

    Credit history

    This is the historical record of all your credit borrowing.

    Credit rating or credit score

    This is based on your past credit history and existing debt and will allow lenders to decided what rates to offer you.

    Customer deposit

    The payment you put towards the car at the beginning of a finance agreement. To make the monthly payments lower you can put in a larger deposit.

    Early settlement

    If you choose to end the finance agreement early the settlement will be the outstanding balance.


    The Financial Conduct Authority. An independent body that regulates financial services in the UK. They make sure that customers get an honest deal.

    Finance agreement

    The agreement that outlines the terms of the finance contract. Monthly payments, cancellation terms and what happens at the end of the contract will be explained.

    Fixed-rate interest

    The interest which is set and will not change through the agreed term of the finance agreement.

    Flat rate

    The interest rate should remain the same throughout the finance agreement term.

    GAP insurance

    Guaranteed asset protection. This is a type of insurance that will cover the difference between the cars original cost and the value of it when you need to make a claim. This is not sold by us but we will recommend a 3rd party.


    Guaranteed future value – the value of the car at the end of the finance agreement. It also indicates the cost of balloon payment.


    A guarantor is sometimes needed for specialist loans, loans for younger people or those with minimal credit history. A parent or close relative will agree to take on the payments if you cannot keep up with the repayments.

    Hire Purchase

    Also known as HP. A finance option which involves placing a deposit and then repaid with fixed monthly instalments. You will not own the car until the end of the agreement when the debt is repaid, there will be no balance to pay at the end of the agreement.

    Negative Equity

    This will be when a car has decreased in value and is worth less than the outstanding balance for the finance agreement.

    Part Exchange

    Use your old car as a contribution towards the new car. The cost of the car will be deducted from the final amount owed for the new car.

    Personal Contract Purchase

    Also known as PCP. A finance option that involves placing a deposit and then repaid with fixed monthly instalments. You will not own the car until you pay the optional balloon payment. See our guide

    Residual Value

    The value of the car at the end of the finance agreement.

    Soft Search

    A credit search which will not show on your credit file. This will help finance companies decide how much they will offer you.

    Term Length

    The length of the finance agreement and how long you will be making repayments.

    Total Repayable

    The total amount that you will repay. This will include interest and fees.

    Variable Rate

    The interest rate will vary across the finance agreement and will change monthly payments.