Part Exchange Valuations

Use our online tool to get a no obligation part exchange valuation on your car. Click here!

What is part exchange?

Part exchange allows you to trade in your current car to use as payment towards the cost of your new car.

Get a valuation online

Use our free tool to get a part exchange valuation. Enter your registration, car specifications, upload photos of your car and confirm. We will then confirm the value.

Photos of your car help us understand the condition it is in to provide an accurate valuation. It doesn’t have to be clean, we will see past this. Make sure any damage is uploaded as this will be spotted at site and impact the value we offer.

We want your part exchange!

We are open and transparent by offering you a really competitively priced car whilst providing a top trade valuation for your car. More importantly how can you be sure you’re getting the top trade valuation for your part exchange?

We use the industry standard CAP (Current Auction Pricing) tool to provide you with 3 trade valuations based on the following CAP standards:

  • CAP Clean – Showroom Condition
  • CAP Average – Good Condition
  • CAP Below – Poor Condition
  • Who is CAP?

    Every month CAP collects millions of pieces of data about thousands of new and used cars in the UK. They talk to motorists, manufacturers, car dealers, and a huge range of car experts. They’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Dealers, car manufacturers, insurers, lenders, car hire firms rely on the accuracy and independence of their car valuations. Now we are sharing their expertise with you and by using our free part exchange valuation tool you can get an accurate & reliable part exchange valuation.